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What is Environmental Health?

Environmental Health is the branch of public health that focuses on the relationship between people and their environment, promoting human health and well-being, and fostering healthy and safe communities. Environmental Health is a key part of any comprehensive public health system. This Division works to advance policies and programs to reduce chemical and other environmental exposures in air, water, soil, and food to protect people and provide communities with healthier environments.

Environmental specialists called sanitarians ensure that restaurants and retail food establishments meet local and state standards. They regulate residential and small flow sewage treatment systems, tattoo and body piercing facilities, solid waste landfills, swimming pools, and campgrounds.

This division also monitors school environments, inspects public nuisances such as illegal sewage discharges, trash accumulations, rodent and other animal and insect disease vectors, and other potential public health problems. Plumbing inspectors in our division inspect and permit residential and commercial plumbing installations to ensure safety and sanitation.

Services also include inspections, investigations, and consultations in the following areas: air pollution, foodborne illness outbreaks, nuisance complaints about sewage and solid waste, indoor air testing, rabies control, residential plumbing, commercial plumbing, schools, institutions, solid and infectious waste, vector control, and private water systems.

Joe Harrod

Joe Harrod



Bed Bugs

While they are a nuisance, bed bugs have never been known to carry any diseases and therefore are not something that the Health Department has jurisdiction over. This page offers links to outside resources.

Lead Paint & Safety Recalls

We post recall announcements for products with lead paint or product safety recalls when the recall affects Richland County stores or is an Ohio or national recall.

Food Recalls

We post food recall announcements when the recall affects Richland County food items or grocery stores, is an Ohio or national recall, or involves a foodborne illness outbreak.


January of each year is “National Radon Action Month.”

Richland County residents can purchase a Radon Test Kit at a discounted price through this link:  https://ohio.radon.com/

Health Department Inspections

The Environmental Division promotes public health by addressing many of the environmental factors that can affect human health. The primary role of the environmental staff is to prevent human illness or injury through public education, regulation and advocacy. Sanitarians in the department perform a wide variety of  public health functions which include inspection, regulation, and enforcement of food facilities, public swimming pools/spas, campground/RV parks, manufactured home parks, beaches, and tattoo/body piercing establishments.


2023 License Fees

2023 LICENSE FEE SCHEDULE (Effective Dec. 2, 2022): Tattoo and Body Piercing, Campgrounds, Plumbing, Public Swimming Pools, Private Water Systems, Sewage Treatment Systems and Food.


Promoting community health and well-being

Environmental Health

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