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Nutrition education for pregnant women and young families

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Please call the office before your appointment for instructions. Temporarily, you do not need to bring your infants or children to your WIC appointment.


Richland WIC: 419-774-4560; Ashland WIC: 419-289-3359

New To WIC?


Please watch the videos below to learn more about WIC and how to use your WIC Nutrition Card!


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What is WIC

WIC (Women, Infants & Children) is a nutrition education program for pregnant women, women who have a baby less than six months old, breastfeeding mothers, and infants and children up to 5 years old. WIC provides individualized nutrition counseling, nutritious foods, help in finding health care, breastfeeding support and education, voter registration, and farmer’s market coupons for fresh fruits and vegetables during the summer months.

WIC also provides nutrition classes on topics like infant feeding, breastfeeding, story time with snacks, and special holiday-themed events. For breastfeeding moms returning to work or school, WIC may provide electric breast pumps. The mission of the WIC program is to improve the health status and prevent health problems among Ohio’s at-risk women, infants, and children.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider. WIC is federally-funded by the USDA and is administered locally by Richland Public Health.



Tina Picman

Tina Picman

WIC Director


WIC Eligibility

If you have more than 8 people in your family, please contact your local WIC office for guidelines. A pregnant woman counts as more than one family member. A person who receives Medicaid, SNAP Food Assistance, or Ohio Works First (OWF) meets income eligibility criteria for WIC.

WIC Provides


Nutrition education


Breastfeeding education and support


Nutritious foods such as
eggs, milk, cereal, whole grain bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta,
fruits and vegetables. Canned tuna fish or salmon and cheese if you are
breastfeeding. Infant formula is available along with baby food and baby

WIC Provides


Referral to prenatal and pediatric health care and other maternal and child health and human service programs


Coupons worth $20 for fresh fruit and vegetables redeemable at Farmers Markets and roadside stands during the summer months


Voter Registration.

Who Is Eligible for WIC?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women; women who recently had a baby, infants and children up to 5 years of age; who are:


Present at the clinic appointment and provide proof of identity;


Residents of Richland/Ashland counties;


Determined by health professionals to be at medical/nutritional risk; and


Meets income guidelines - 185% of Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.

Not sure if you are eligible?

If your are unsure of income eligibility, contact your local WIC office.

  • Richland County Office: 419-774-4560
  • Ashland County Office: 419-289-3359


Income Guidelines

Gross income (before taxes) cannot exceed the following amounts:

Family Size Annual  Income Monthly  Income Weekly  Income
1 $23,606 $1,968 $454
2 $31,984 $2,658 $614
3 $40,182 $3,349 $773
4 $48,470 $4,040 $933
5 $56,758 $4,730 $1,092
6 $65,046 $5,421 $1,251
7 $73,334 $6,112 $1,411
8 $81,622 $6,802 $1,570

For family sizes above 8, and additional details, CLICK HERE.

For Health Care Providers

Ohio WIC Prescribed Food and Formula Request Form, 10/1/18

This form is to be used by health care providers when prescribing special formula for women, infants and children.

This form can be filled out electronically, printed, and then faxed to one of our offices:
Richland County WIC FAX #419-774-3926
Ashland County WIC FAX #419-281-6451

How Do I Get WIC?

Temporarily, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, modified WIC appointments will be available until further notice.

1. Call the WIC clinic for an appointment:
• Richland County Office: 419-774-4560
• Ashland County Office: 419-289-3359

2. WIC will provide “curbside” service. One the day of your appointment, pull into the WIC parking lot, WIC staff will come to your car and get necessary information from you. You will stay in your car and the remainder of the appointment will be completed via cell phone.

3. Babies and children do not need to be present. WIC just asks for a healthy parent or guardian to come to the appointment.

4. To make your appointment go smoothly, you can complete the WIC forms (see below) before your appointment. Please download the forms and send as an attachment to the email address listed.

5. If you are new to WIC, we look forward to serving you! If eligible, you will be given a WIC Nutrition Card (EBT card) during your WIC appointment. The Nutrition Card can be used at locally approved stores to purchase nutritious foods. 

GET THE WICSHOPPER APP: Scan the bar code or visit websites for more.

Richland County WIC

555 Lexington Avenue
Mansfield, Ohio 44907
Fax 419-774-3926

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 8a – 4:30p
Friday: 8a – 4p
Wednesday: 10a – 6:30p (Richland Public Health evening clinic available 4:30 – 6 pm)
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Ashland County WIC

934 Center St # E
Ashland, OH 44805


Fax 419-281-6451

Monday and Tuesday 8a – 4:30p
Wednesday: 10a – 6:30p
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday: Closed

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