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Downloadable PDF from Richland County Regional Solid Waste Management Authority.

Local Recycling Drop Box Locations

 Click Headline for Newspaper, Corrugated Cardboard, Plastics #1 & #2, Aluminum Cans & Tin Cans.

Recycling Materials

Recycling is the process that transfers numerous materials from the waste stream into useful products. The opportunities in this Recycling Guide are primarily within Richland County. The purpose of this Guide is to supply recycling opportunities to all Richland County residents. There may also be additional recycling programs, collection points or other collection systems located outside of Richland County in surrounding communities.

One opportunity for Richland County residents to recycle is by contacting local waste haulers who may provide a curbside recycling program. Please contact Richland County Regional Solid Waste Management Authority at telephone number 419-774-5861 for further information concerning curbside recycling. The information contained in this Recycling Guide is based upon information gathered by the Richland County Regional Solid Waste Authority (RCRSWMA) and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s (OEPA), Division of Solid & Infectious Waste Management’s (DSIWM) website. The RCRSWMA apologizes if a business or organization is not listed or was inadvertently omitted from this Recycling Guide. If a business or organization is not listed or inaccurately listed, please contact the RCRSWMA at 1125 National Parkway, Mansfield, Ohio 44906 or at telephone number 419-774-5861.

This Recycling Guide will have the informational content updated periodically. Should you need additional information concerning the listed businesses or organizations in this Recycling Guide, RCRSWMA recommends you directly contact the companies for more information. The businesses or organizations listed in this Recycling Guide should not be considered as an endorsement or approval by Richland Public Health, the OEPA, DSIWM or the RCRSWMA.

Aluminum Cans/Scrap Aluminum
Appliances (Household)
Antifreeze (Automobile)
Automotive Fluids
Batteries (Lead Acid-Automotive)
Batteries (Most Types)
Batteries (Lithium & Cell Button)
Batteries (Rechargeable)
Building & Construction Reusable Supplies
Dead Animal Removal
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Glass (Food & Beverage Containers Only)
Landfills – Richland County
Motor Oil
Motor Oil Filters
Paper (Shredding)
Phone Books
Plastics # 1 & 2
Plastic Grocery Bags
Propane/Oxygen Tanks
Scrap Metals
Scrap Tires
Shingles (Roofing)
Styrofoam/Packaging Peanuts

Effects of

Roadway Litter

The Richland County Solid Waste Authority requests that all Richland County residents help clean up roadside litter during the Earth Stewardship months of  April and May. Contact Richland County Solid Waste about our Earth Stewardship  Litter Cleanup Program at 419-774-5861


Effects Everyone

Litter affects everyone in Richland County

Destroys Beauty

Litter destroys the beauty of our communities

Protecting Our Water

Litter can be washed into waterways and into groundwater causing environmental damage

Increase In Crime

Neighborhoods that are heavily littered may experience more vandalism or other crimes

Economic Development

Litter impacts real estate values and hinders economic development

Government Spending

Government and business spend large sums of money for roadside litter cleanups

Litter can be prevented by simply acting responsibly. Please, Do Not Litter!

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