Plumbing Services

Trust and safety are at the cornerstone of every healthy community. At Richland Public Health, we understand the crucial role efficient plumbing systems play in the overall well-being of the community. With our well-versed Mansfield, Ohio plumbers, we ensure all commercial and residential plumbing installations adhere to the stringent regulations of the Ohio Plumbing Code.


Contractors & Appliance Installers:

Residential Jurisdiction

Richland Public Health Plumbing has Residential and Commercial Jurisdiction in Richland County and Commercial jurisdiction in Crawford, Huron, Knox, Morrow and Wyandot Counties. We also do Commercial and Residential plumbing inspections in the city of Galion. Ohio State-Certified Plumbing Inspectors work with registered plumbers and homeowners to ensure all plumbing installations are in compliance with the Code.

Residential Services

  • Registration of all persons intending to engage in the plumbing installation business in the County of Richland.
  • Issuance of plumbing installation permits.
  • Inspection of commercial and residential plumbing installations for code compliance.
  • Plans review and/or consultations with plumbing contractors and homeowners as required (see below for form).

Residential Plumbing Forms

Plumbing Permit

Water Heaters Must Be Installed under Permit
Permits: Why? It’s the law! ORC 3703.07 For proper installation. New installations and replacement.

Plumbing Business Registration

This is the Plumbing Contractor/Service Provider Registration Application to perform installations as a plumbing business within the jurisdiction of Richland County and the Counties of Crawford, Huron, Knox and Morrow.

Plumbing Definitions & FAQs


The practice, Maintenance, Extension and alteration of all piping, fixtures, plumbing appliances and plumbing appurtenances within or adjacent to any structure, in connection with the sanitary drainage or storm drainage facilities; venting systems; and the public or private water supply systems.


A person who is licensed to install plumbing.


A person who works for another to learn the plumbing trade under the direction and control of a licensed plumber.


A person that is authorized to engage in the business of installing plumbing in buildings or other structures.


Anyone of a special class of plumbing fixtures intended to perform a special function. Included are fixtures having the operation or control dependent on one or more energized components, such as motors, controls, heating elements, or pressure or temperature-sensing elements.

Such fixtures are manually adjusted or controlled by the owner or operator or are operated automatically through one or more of the following actions: A time cycle, a temperature range, a pressure range, a measured volume of weight.


A person that is authorized to engage in or work at or supervise the trade or occupation of plumbing, but not engage in the business of installing plumbing.


The art or skill of a worker. The quality of skill.  The product or result of a worker’s skill.

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