Order Birth Certificates in Ohio

Secure essential records such as birth and death certificates efficiently with Richland Public Health.

Richland Public Health is committed to offering Ohio residents an accessible and streamlined process for obtaining vital records, understanding their significance in various applications and personal record-keeping.

For Ohio-born citizens in need of a birth certificate, our team can facilitate quick access to official records, regardless of your location within the state.

In case you’ve lost or misplaced your birth certificate, trust Richland Public Health for a fast and hassle-free replacement process, ensuring that you have access to this crucial document as required.

Answers to Your Questions

Who Can Order A Record?

Vital records (records of births, deaths, and fetal deaths) are public records in Ohio. This means that anyone who can submit the basic facts of a record may request a copy of the birth or death certificate.

Certificates and Social Security Numbers?

As of October 15, 2015, for the first five years after the date of death, the social security number of the deceased will not be included on the death certificate.

Why are there fees?

In accordance with section 3705.24 of the Ohio Revised Code we are required by law to charge a fee for each certified copy of a vital record issued. The fee at this office for each certified copy of a birth, death, or fetal death record is $25.00 per certified copy.

Newborn Birth Certificates?

If you are requesting a birth certificate for a newborn child, you need to wait at least four (4) weeks for Richland Public Health to get the information from the hospital.

Will my copy have a raised seal?

All Richland Public Health issued Birth Certificates meet the requirements for passports or any other document requiring proof of a birth certificate. If you need to fold your birth certificate, we ask that you do not fold across the seal.

Can I purchase for any Ohio county?

Richland Public Health can issue Birth Certificates for anyone born in Ohio. Death Certificates can be issued only for Richland County, excluding Shelby. For deaths in Shelby, contact the City of Shelby, Shelby City Hall, 43 W. Main St., Shelby, OH 44875 (phone: 419-347-5131).

How To Place An Order?

For the fastest response, we recommend placing your order online. See the button on the home page at richlandhealth.org. For death certificates the fastest way is in person. Ordering by mail will cause a slight delay due to postal services. You may also fill out the form linked below to make ordering by phone quicker.

How soon will I get my order?

Certificates will be mailed as soon as possible after ordering. Locally, mail delivery should take 1 to 3 days and less than a week out of state depending on your local mail service.

Order By Mail

Download and complete our PDF application. Once filled out please return via mail with your payment.

Notice to All Vital Statistics Customers

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 3705.29, it is unlawful to purposely obtain, possess, use, sell, furnish, or attempt to obtain, possess, use, sell, or furnish to another for the purpose of deception any certificate, record, or certified copy of it that relates to the birth of another person, whether living or dead.

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