Lead Paint and Safety Recalls

Periodically, the Health Department will post recall announcements for products with lead paint or product safety recalls when the recall affects Richland County stores or is an Ohio or national recall.

Active Recalls

Official Food & Drug Administration Safety Recall Page

USA Safe Kids website has safety recalls for children’s car seats and children’s play items, including those with lead paint:

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recall site:
Official Notice Site: https://www.cpsc.gov/recall-hazards/lead
Please note that you may have to enter details in the search window (for example: lead paint) to speed your search.


The Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule is a federal regulatory program affecting anyone who disturbs painted surfaces where lead may be present.

  •  Submit an application to certify your firm for five years.
  • A one-day class will certify your renovators for five years.
  • Learn the required steps to contain the work area, minimize dust and thoroughly clean up every day.


Any contractor, including renovators, electricians, HVAC specialists, plumbers, painters and maintenance staff, who disrupts more than six square feet of lead paint in pre-1978 homes, schools, day care centers and other places where children spend time.


  1. Avoid risk of government fines and civil liability:

    Without certification and by not following approved practices, you and your company can face tens of
    thousands of dollars in fines and put yourself and your company at risk of potential lawsuits.

  2. Protect your workers, yourself and your customers from a health risk:

    Dust from renovation, repairs and painting can contaminate an entire home and, if inhaled or
    ingested, can cause irreversible damage to children and adults.

  3. Gain competitive advantage:
  • Certification makes you stand out from others and positions you as a professional contractor consumers can trust. Using your company’s certification in your marketing materials may help attract business.
  • Consumers will look for the certification before hiring contractors and may be more accepting of additional costs and time associated with doing the job safely.
  • Upon certification of your firm, your company will be listed as a Lead-Safe Certified Contractor on the EPA website, giving your firm the potential for new customers.

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