How Do I Get Immunization Records?

We get it. We’ve done it too. Losing immunizations records, either your own or those of a family member can be really frustrating. We hope we can help and here’s some information that might (maybe) ease your concerns.

How to locate old
immunization records

How Do I Get Immunization Records?

Finding old immunization records can be difficult and time-consuming. It is critical to always keep an accurate and up-to-date record of any vaccines you receive. Your immunization record provides history of all the vaccines you received as a child and adult. It may be needed for school, jobs, or travel. There is no national organization that maintains vaccination records. The only ones that exist are the ones you have, your parents have, or the provider(s) who gave you vaccines have.

Richland Public Health will only have an immunization record if vaccines were given here.

Places to look for records:

  • Ask parents or caregivers
  • Look through baby books or other childhood documents
  • Check the high school you attended to see if they still have records
  • Check any college you may have attended
  • Check previous employers, including military
  • Check your doctor, or other office where vaccines may have been given

If you can’t find your record, you may need to get some of the vaccines again. Or blood tests can be done to check immunity to certain vaccine-preventable diseases. Adults returning to school may need vaccines that were not being given at the time you were a child.

Request for Public Health Information

You can fax the completed form along with a copy of photo identification to (419 774-5577 (or) mail the completed form along with a copy of photo identification of the requestor (or legal guardian) to: 555 Lexington Avenue, Mansfield, OH 44907 along with a self-addressed stamped envelope so we can return your information (or that of a family member) if we have any records on file.

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