Mansfield Bike Loop

On June 16, 2015, Mansfield City Council passed an ordinance approving the creation of a 5.7 mile Inner City Bike Loop through the painting of pavement markings knows as “Sharrows” and the installation of signage. 

Mansfield Inner City Bike Loop is under construction

The supplies needed to complete this project were purchased by Richland Public Health’s Communities Preventing Chronic Disease grant. The Ohio Contractors Association has agreed to provide volunteer labor for the project but an installation date has not been set. Richland Moves!, a local education and advocacy group that meets monthly to discuss active transportation projects, continues to offer support and organization on this project.

Shared Lane Markings

Streets included on the Inner City Bike Loop will be marked by Sharrows, (short for Shared-use arrows) which will be stenciled directly onto the pavement using reflective white paint. These markings will alert motorists and bicyclists where bicyclists should ride when sharing a standard travel lane with other traffic. Sharrows simply serve as a reminder of existing traffic rules and regulations and are not intended to be a substitute for standard bike lanes.  

Share The Road

Bicycle Safety

Our streets are more than just roadways; they are PLACES that connect us to neighborhoods and to destinations in our community. Streets are for everyone, including vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Be cautious and considerate: Share the Road to keep every user safe.

Bicycle Safety Rules

Richland Source

Bike May Use Full Lane

Richland Moves-Pete Medek

Taking the Lane

Ohio Bike Ways

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