It’s Time to PUP!

PUP stands for Pick Up Poop. All dog owners can “doo” the right thing and scoop poop when walking and in your own backyard. Our goal is clean water and PUPing is our law.

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Clean water is the goal.

That’s why the Richland County is reminding everyone that PUPing is our law. It keeps our water clean AND the neighbors happy.

Why Care About Dog Poo?

Our quality of life and health depends greatly on the quality of our water. Everyday activities, like picking up dog poop, can really help prevent pollution and protect our rivers and streams.

Pooch of the Day


Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Crispin is a sweet and friendly guy. He knows how to sit and how to shake. He is available for adoption so hurry in to meet him!

Water Quality and Common Courtesy

Dog droppings can impact our groundwater, streams, and lakes. When it rains, bacteria from doggie doo can soak into groundwater, or be carried by rainwater to storm sewers which carry the flow to nearby streams. In both cases, the water is not treated at a wastewater treatment plant, and that’s not good for the environment.

Picking up after your pet is the simplest way to protect water quality and be a good neighbor.

Take the pledge and receive a FREE PUP kit!

We are grateful to our friends at the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Cleveland, OH and the City of Columbus, OH for their permission to use the PUP name, the Dogs Can’t Flush video, and much of the informational content of this website.