Vital Statistics

Maintaining community birth & death records

What is Vital Statistics?

The Vital Statistics division at Richland Public Health maintains records of all births and deaths in Richland County since 1909 (excluding Shelby). Richland Public Health can provide certified birth certificates for anyone born in Ohio. This division maintains statistics on births, deaths and causes of death to assist in planning health programs and services that meet the needs of our community.

Another service provided by the Vital Statistics division is acknowledgments of paternity affidavits. The completion of a paternity affidavit is voluntary and acknowledges that a parent and child relationship exists. The affidavit places responsibility for support of the child on the alleged father.

The Vital Statistics Department also issues burial-transit permits to area funeral directors.

Richland Public Health does not maintain marriage or divorce records. Marriage records, and those of births and deaths before 1909, are available at the Probate Court (in Richland County call 419-774-5540). Divorce records are kept by the Clerk of Courts (also 419-774-5540).

Ohio Birth Certificates

Records Since

Our birth records start in 1909 as well.  The computerized index in the lobby for the birth records also starts at 1909. Richland County births and deaths occurring before 1908 in are kept at the Probate Courthouse (419-774-5583).


Richland Public Health Vital Statistics can issue birth certificates for anyone born in Ohio.  Births and deaths occurring in other states must be obtained from those states. All Ohio birth and death certificates are permanently placed on file at the Ohio Department of Health in Columbus

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All questions regarding birth and death certificate copies or spelling corrections will be directed to the Administrative Specialist.

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